Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 The Winds of Winter Post #5


The sixth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones was ordered by HBO on April 8, 2014, together with the fifth season, and premiered on April 24, 2016. In contrast to the previous seasons, it largely consists of original content not found in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

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The Winds of Winter

No. 610. Title: The Winds of Winter. Directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss. Original Air Date: June 26, 2016. Sinopse: Before her trial can commence, Cersei destroys the Sept of Baelor with wildfire; among the dead, the High Sparrow, Margaery, Mace and Loras Tyrell, Pycelle, and Lancel and Kevan Lannister. Horrified, Tommen throws himself off a balcony to his death. Davos confronts Melisandre over her complicity in the burning of Shireen Baratheon; Jon banishes her from Winterfell. Sansa learns of Littlefinger’s plans for her as the new Lady of Winterfell. Following their victory, the Wildlings, the Knights of the Vale and the surviving Houses of the North pledge loyalty to Jon Snow as the new King in the North. Following a banquet with Jaime, Walder Frey and two of his sons are murdered by Arya. Sam and Gilly reach the Citadel in Oldtown. Bran sees a vision from inside the Tower of Joy: Ned finds his dying sister Lyanna, and takes her newborn son as his bastard. Daenerys says goodbye to Daario and makes Tyrion as her Hand. After aiding Olenna Tyrell and the Martells to ally against Cersei, Varys returns to Meereen, just as Daenerys sets sail for Westeros with Tyrion, the Greyjoys, the Insullied, the Dothraki and her dragons.

At Winterfell

As Jon and Melisandre are talking, Davos enters and confronts her with the burned stag figurine. Melisandre admits burning Shireen alive, but points out that she did it for the Lord of Light and that Stannis did not object to the sacrifice. Davos then requests permission from Jon to punish Melisandre for her crimes but the red priestess counters that she can be useful in the coming war against the dead. Jon instead exiles Melisandre from the North, with both Davos and him threatening to execute her if she ever returns to the North again.

JON: What is that?
DAVOS: Tell him. Tell him who it belonged to.
MELISANDRE: The Princess Shireen.
DAVOS: Tell him what you did to her. Tell him!
MELISANDRE: We burned her at the stake.
MELISANDRE: The army was trapped. The horses were dying. It was the only way.
DAVOS: You burned a little girl alive!
MELISANDRE: I only do what my Lord commands.
DAVOS: If he commands you to burn children, your Lord is evil.
MELISANDRE: We are standing here because of him. Jon Snow is alive because the Lord willed it.
DAVOS: I loved that girl like she was my own. She was good. She was kind. And you killed her!
MELISANDRE: So did her father. So did her mother. Her own blood knew it was the only way.
DAVOS: The only way for what? They all died anyway. You told everyone Stannis was the one. You had him believing it, all of them fooled. And you lied.
MELISANDRE: I didn’t lie. I was wrong.
DAVOS: Aye, you were wrong. How many died because you were wrong? I ask your leave to execute this woman for murder. She admits to the crime.
JON: Do you have anything to say for yourself?
MELISANDRE: I’ve been ready to die for many years. If the Lord was done with me, so be it, but he’s not. You’ve seen the Night King, Jon Snow. You know the great war is still to come. You know the army of the dead will be upon us soon. And you know I can help you win that war.
JON: Ride south today. If you return to the North, I’ll have you hanged as a murderer.
DAVOS: If you ever come back this way, I will execute you myself.










As both Jon and Sansa watch Melisandre leave, they discuss which of them will lead the united Stark forces, with each of them deferring to the other. Jon then tells Sansa that if the Starks are to prevail, they both must trust each other.

JON: I’m having the lord’s chamber prepared for you.
SANSA: Mother and Father’s room? You should take it.
JON: I’m not a Stark.
SANSA: You are to me.
JON: You’re the Lady of Winterfell. You deserve it. We’re standing here because of you. The battle was lost until the Knights of the Vale rode in. They came because of you. You told me Lord Baelish sold you to the Boltons.
SANSA: He did.
JON: And you trust him?
SANSA: Only a fool would trust Littlefinger. I should have told you about him, about the Knights of the Vale. I’m sorry.
JON: We need to trust each other. We can’t fight a war amongst ourselves. We have so many enemies now.
SANSA: Jon. A raven came from the Citadel. A white raven. Winter is here.
JON: Well, Father always promised, didn’t he?






Source text: Wikipedia.

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