Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 09 Battle of the Bastards Post #4


The sixth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones was ordered by HBO on April 8, 2014, together with the fifth season, and premiered on April 24, 2016. In contrast to the previous seasons, it largely consists of original content not found in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 09 Battle of the Bastards

No. 609. Title: Battle of the Bastards. Directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss. Original Air Date: June 19, 2016. Sinopse: Daenerys meets with the slave masters to negotiate terms of surrender, but they refuse it. She then rides Drogon, as Rhaegal and Viserion assist them in burning the slaver’s fleet. Grey Worm kills two of the masters, leaving one to tell of what he had witnessed. After the battle, Theon and Yara meet with Daenerys and Tyrion and agree to an alliance. The Starks and Boltons meet before the battle, with Ramsay ordering them to surrender. On the following morning, the confrontation begins. Ramsay brings out Rickon and tells him to run towards the Stark army, firing arrows at him as he does. Jon tries to save him, but Rickon is killed by an arrow. The battle ensues with the wildlings becoming pinned by Bolton soldiers, but they are rescued by the Knights of the Vale. Ramsay flees inside Winterfell but Wun Wun, having taken numerous arrows to his body, manages to break the door down, before succumbing to his wounds. Jon almost brutally beats Ramsay but not fatally, and takes him prisoner. Sansa later brings Ramsay’s starving hounds to his cell and watches as they devour him.

In Meereen

Missandei tells the masters that Daenerys has ordered one of them die as punishment for their crimes. They offer Yezzan, as he is lowborn, but Grey Worm kills the other two masters instead, and Tyrion orders Yezzan to tell the other masters back home of Daenerys’ mercy.

TYRION: Thank you for the armada. Our queen does love ships. Now, last time we spoke, we made a pact. You violated that pact. You declared war upon us. Though our queen does have a forgiving nature, this cannot be forgiven.
MISSANDEI: Our queen insists that one of you must die as punishment for your crimes.
TYRION: It always seems a bit abstract, doesn’t it, other people dying?
MASTER RAZDAL: Him. He should die.
MASTER BELICHO: Yes, him. He’s not one of us. He’s an outsider, a lowborn. He does not speak for us.
YEZZAN: Please. Please.
TYRION: Tell your people what happened here. Tell them you live by the grace of Her Majesty. When they come forward with notions of retribution or ideas about returning the slave cities to their former glory, remind them what happened when Daenerys Stormborn and her dragons came to Meereen.





Later, Daenerys and Tyrion meet with Theon and Yara, who have arrived in the city. They offer Dany their fleet of ships if she will help them overthrow Euron and grant independence to the Iron Islands. Tyrion is wary of Theon because of their previous encounter at Winterfell and of his supposed murder of Bran and Rickon Stark, but Theon and Yara insists he has paid for what he has done, and proclaiming he did not kill them. Daenerys agrees to assist them if the Ironborn will cease all reaving, raping, and pillaging going forward, to which Yara reluctantly accepts.

DAENERYS: You’ve brought us 100 ships from the Iron Fleet with men to sail them. In return, I expect you want me to support your claim to the throne of the Iron Islands?
THEON: Not my claim. Hers.
DAENERYS: And what’s wrong with you?
THEON: I’m not fit to rule.
TYRION: We can agree upon that at least.
DAENERYS: Has the Iron Islands ever had a queen before?
YARA: No more than Westeros.
THEON: Our Uncle Euron returned home after a long absence. He murdered our father and took the Salt Throne from Yara. He would have murdered us if we’d stayed.


TYRION: There are more than 100 ships in the Iron Fleet.
THEON: There are and Euron is building more. He’s going to offer them to you.
DAENERYS: So why shouldn’t I wait for him?
THEON: The Iron Fleet isn’t all he’s bringing.
THEON: He also wants to give you…
YARA: His big cock, I think he said. Euron’s offer is also an offer of marriage, you see. You won’t get one without the other.
DAENERYS: And I imagine your offer is free of any marriage demands?
YARA: I never demand, but I’m up for anything, really.
THEON: He murdered our father and would have murdered us. He’ll murder you as soon as you have what he wants.
TYRION: The Seven Kingdoms.
THEON: All of them.
DAENERYS: And you don’t want the Seven Kingdoms?
THEON: Your ancestors defeated ours and took the Iron Islands. We ask you to give them back.
DAENERYS: And that’s all?
YARA: We’d like you to help us murder an uncle or two who don’t think a woman’s fit to rule.
DAENERYS: Reasonable.
DAENERYS: Our fathers were evil men, all of us here. They left the world worse than they found it. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to leave the world better than we found it. You will support my claim as queen of the Seven Kingdoms and respect the integrity of the Seven Kingdoms. No more reaving, roving,
raiding, or raping.
YARA: That’s our way of life.
DAENERYS: No more.
YARA: No more.








Source text: Wikipedia.

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