Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 07 The Broken Man Post #2


The sixth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones was ordered by HBO on April 8, 2014, together with the fifth season, and premiered on April 24, 2016. In contrast to the previous seasons, it largely consists of original content not found in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 07 The Broken Man

No. 607. Title: The Broken Man. Directed by Mark Mylod. Written by Bryan Cogman. Original Air Date: June 05, 2016. Sinopse: Margaery convinces Olenna Tyrell to return to Highgarden, after the High Sparrow suggests that he will come after Olenna following her attempt to take up arms against the Faith. Jon, Sansa, and Davos recruit the Wildlings and House Mormont to their cause, but remain outnumbered by the Boltons. In desperation, Sansa writes a letter begging for aid. Jaime arrives at Riverrun with Bronn and goes to parley with the Blackfish, which is ultimately unsuccessful. Theon and Yara spend their last night in Volantis before sailing to Meereen. In Braavos, Arya seals passage to Westeros, but is attacked by the Waif. She escapes, but is badly wounded. Sandor Clegane is revealed to have survived his fight with Brienne of Tarth after being saved by a Septon and his followers. When men from the Brotherhood Without Banners threaten and eventually slaughter the group, Clegane decides to take up arms to get revenge.

Source text: Wikipedia.

In King’s Landing

The High Sparrow chides Queen Margaery that she needs to provide King Tommen with an heir, and that she should try to convert her grandmother Olenna to the Faith, subtly remarking that Olenna’s safety cannot be guaranteed otherwise. Margaery meets with Olenna, who attempts to convince her to leave King’s Landing and return to Highgarden. Margaery refuses, stating that as Queen, her place is supposed to be at King Tommen’s side. Seeing that she cannot change Margaery’s mind, Olenna reluctantly agrees. Margaery instead pleads for Olenna to return to Highgarden instead, slipping her a piece of paper with the sigil of House Tyrell drawn on it, indicating that she is still loyal to her family.

Olenna: You will leave for Highgarden today. There is no law that says you must stay here.
Margaery: I am the queen. It is my duty to serve my husband the king. But you should leave, Grandmother. Your place is at home.
Olenna: I will never leave you. Never.
Margaery: You must. Go home. Find comfort in prayer and good works. The Mother watches over us all.
Olenna: I’ll see you soon, my dear.
Margaery: Seven blessings to you, Grandmother.















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