Game of Thrones Season 5: The Dance of Dragons Part 4

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The fifth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones was premiered on April 12, 2015. It adapts material from “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons”, the fourth and fifth novels in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, as well as original material that does not appear in Martin’s novels. Click to listen Game of Thrones Main Title. Click to Download Game of Thrones Episode The Dance of Dragons (S05E09) by Torrent:

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The Dance of Dragons

Episode S05E09: The Dance of Dragons. Directed by David Nutter. Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss. Original Air Date: June 7, 2015. Sinopse: In the midst of a snowstorm, Stannis’ camp is sabotaged when Ramsay’s men light fires to destroy his supplies. Melisandre is convinced that they need to make a good sacrifice to reach Winterfell, so Stannis reluctantly sacrifices his daughter Princess Shireen, burning her alive at the stake, while she desperately cries out for her parents. Jon and the wildlings return to the Wall, where their welcome is fraught with tension. Arya continues the mission to poison and kill the Thin Man when she sees Mace Tyrell and Meryn Trant arrive in the harbor to negotiate payment terms with the Iron Bank. Arya follows Trant to a brothel and when returns to Jaqen, she lies by telling him the Thin Man was not hungry and did not buy her oysters. In Dorne, Prince Doran agrees that Jaime can return to King’s Landing with Myrcella, but only if Trystane accompanies them and serves on the small council in Oberyn’s place. In Meereen, the fighting pits reopen and Daenerys is stunned to see Jorah fight for her forgiveness. Although he is successful, his triumph is interrupted by a fierce attack by the Sons of the Harpy, who quickly surround Dany and her supporters. Just as hope seems lost, Drogon arrives, and Daenerys mounts her dragon and flies away from Meereen, her followers and enemies watching alike in awe. Source: Wikipedia.

In the North

At Stannis’ camp, Ramsay and his group of 20 men are able to sneak in and sabotage Stannis’ supplies by burning them. With his supplies gone, Stannis realizes that his army will not survive the winter. Davos recommends they retreat back to Castle Black, but Stannis refuses to retreat, and points out they don’t have the supplies to make it back regardless.

Davos: A band of 20 men, maybe less. They were in and out before anyone spotted them. Burnt our food stores to the ground, all our siege weapons destroyed.
Davos: Dozens of tents were–
Stannis: Horses?
Davos: We’re still getting a count, but hundreds are dead.
Stannis: 20 men rode into our camp without a single guard sounding the alarm?
Davos: The northerners know more about their land than we ever will.
Stannis: Put last night’s guards in chains. Either they fell asleep or they conspired with the enemy. Find out the truth and then hang them.
Davos: Your Grace. Unless there’s a thaw, we can’t press forward to Winterfell and we don’t have enough food to get us back to Castle Black.
Stannis: We’re not returning to Castle Black.
Davos: Forgive me, Your Grace, I never claimed to be an expert in military matters, but if we can’t march forward and we won’t march back…
Stannis: Have the dead horses butchered for meat.







In Braavos

Arya, still in the disguise of an oyster merchant, continues the mission given to her by Jaqen to poison and kill the Thin Man. However, as she is on the way to her target, she sees Mace Tyrell and Meryn Trant arrive in the harbor to negotiate payment terms with the Iron Bank. Arya, upon seeing Trant, ignores her mission and follows Mace and Trant into the city.












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