Game of Thrones Season 5: Hardhome Part 3

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The fifth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones was premiered on April 12, 2015. It adapts material from “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons”, the fourth and fifth novels in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, as well as original material that does not appear in Martin’s novels. Click to listen Game of Thrones Main Title. Click to Download Game of Thrones Episode Hardhome (S05E08) by Torrent (MP4 448 MB 720p).



Episode S05E08: Hardhome. Directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss. Original Air Date: May 31, 2015. Sinopse: Cersei refuses to confess her sins. Qyburn informs her that Pycelle has sent for Kevan to serve as the King’s Hand, and that “the work continues”. Arya assumes the identity of Lana, an oyster seller. Jaqen tells her to learn everything about a man who takes wagers on whether or not ships arrive at their destinations, and then poison him. Olly asks Sam why Jon trusts the wildlings, to which Sam replies that he has no other choice; otherwise they don’t stand a chance against the army of the dead. Sansa asks Reek why he told Ramsay about her escape plans, and he says there is no escape. He then finally reveals that he faked the deaths of her younger brothers. Ramsay suggests to his father that they move on Stannis and asks for twenty good men. In Meereen, Tyrion convinces Daenerys to spare Jorah’s life and exile him again. Jorah instead goes back to Yezzan and asks permission to fight in the pits. Daenerys accepts Tyrion into her council. Arriving at Hardhome, Jon and Tormund manage to convince about five thousand wildlings to come back with them, showing them the dragonglass and offering them lands south of the Wall. Hardhome is suddenly attacked by an army of wights, and Jon and the other rangers help defend it. A White Walker attacks Jon, but is killed by Jon’s Valyrian steel-sword. As Jon, the other rangers and the wildlings sail away, they witness the Night’s King reanimating the deceased wildlings who rise from the dead as wights. Source: Wikipedia.

In Braavos

Arya assumes the identity of Lana, an oyster seller. While playing the game of faces, she describes her typical day to Jaqen, who tells her to change her daily route. At the harbor, she sells oysters to a “gambler” – a man who sells insurance to ship captains in the harbour. Jaqen explain that the family of a captain hired the Faceless Men to kill the salesman after he refused to pay when the captain drowned at sea. He tells Arya to return to the harbour and learn everything she can about the insurer before poisoning him.

Arya: My name is Lanna. I’m an orphan. When I was eight, I begged enough money to buy my first bucket of oysters. I sold that bucket and made enough money to buy two more. It took a while, but I finally saved enough to buy myself an oyster cart. Now every morning, I make my way down to the canals. I pass the fish mongers and the bakers. I usually see Lhara, my first customer of the day on her way home. Then I turn left onto Moonsinger Lane– Turn left onto Ragman Lane where I do most of my trade.


Jaqen: Lanna is very impressive. Very industrious. She will make a fine servant for the Many-Faced God.
Arya: How will she serve him?
Jaqen: She will no longer turn left onto Ragman Lane. She will turn right and go to Ragman Harbor.
Arya: What will she do there?
Jaqen: She will see.
Arya: See what?
Jaqen: How can a man tell a girl this? If he knew what she would see, there would be no reason to send her.









Jaqen: The man is a gambler. He wages that a sailor’s ship will make it to its destination. It is a strange wager for the captain. He only wins if he loses his life.
Arya: So why would a captain make the wager in the first place?
Jaqen: A girl tells a man that she has seen.
Arya: If the captain dies, the thin man pays his family a lot of money.
Jaqen: But perhaps the gambler loses his bet and decides he does not have to pay after all. A destitute woman and her small child, what can they do to such a man if he keeps their money for himself? To whom can they turn for recourse?
Arya: The Many-Faced God. You said you didn’t know what I would see at the docks.
Jaqen: A man had no idea what a girl would see and what she would not. A girl named Lanna will return to the docks. She will watch the gambler. She will come to know as much about him as she knows about herself.
Arya: And then what?
Jaqen: A gift for the thin man.







The Waif: She’s not ready.
Jaqen: Perhaps she is, perhaps she’s not.
The Waif: And if she’s not?
Jaqen: It is all the same to the Many-Faced God.




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