Game of Thrones Season 5: Sons of the Harpy Part 2

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The fifth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones was premiered on April 12, 2015. It adapts material from “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons”, the fourth and fifth novels in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, as well as original material that does not appear in Martin’s novels. Click to listen Game of Thrones Main Title. Click to Download Game of Thrones Episode Sons of the Harpy (S05E04) by Torrent (MP4 341 MB 720p).

Sons of the Harpy


Epsisode S05E04: Sons of the Harpy. Directed by Mark Mylod. Written by Dave Hill. Original Air Date: May 3, 2015. Sinopse: The Sparrows seize Loras Tyrell, and Margaery is enraged, but Tommen proves too weak to release him. Mellisandre tries to seduce Jon Snow in an attempt to convince Snow to go to Winterfell with Stannis. In the crypts of Winterfell, Baelish reveals he has been summoned to return to King’s Landing by Cersei. Before leaving, he tries to dispel the misgivings of Sansa towards Ramsay Bolton, telling her Stannis will defeat the Boltons and rescue her. Bronn and Jaime land secretly in Dorne, and they kill four horsemen who come across them. Ellaria convinces the Sandsnakes to plan to avenge the death of Oberyn by abducting Myrcella, but they know they must beat Jaime to it. Ser Jorah confesses he plans to redeem himself to Daenerys by presenting Tyrion to her. In Meereen, Hizrad zo Loraq makes another appeal to Daenerys to reopen the fighting pits. The Sons of the Harpy run amok and ambush patrollling Unsullied inside the citadel and start massacring soldiers. Grey Worm and Ser Barristan are seriously wounded. Source: Wikipedia.

At the Wall

After assisting in training his men, Jon signs several letters to be sent to northern lords, including Roose Bolton, asking that they send men and supplies to help defend the Wall. Jon is reluctant to plead to the Boltons for aid, but must respect the Nights Watch’s neutrality. Melisandre arrives to ask Jon to join Stannis in taking Winterfell from the Boltons, but he again declines. She attempts to seduce him, but he is able to resist her advances, citing that he still loves Ygritte. Before leaving, she says “you know nothing, Jon Snow”, mimicking Ygritte. Elsewhere in Castle Black, Stannis tells his daughter, Shireen, the story of how she became afflicted with greyscale, and how he did everything in his power to cure her.




Jon Snow: Not him.
Sam: I know, I’m sorry. But we need men and supplies and Roose Bolton’s the Warden of the North.
Jon Snow: He murdered my brother.
Sam: We swore to be the watchers on the Wall. We can’t watch the Wall with 50 men. And we can’t get more men without help from the Warden of the North.







Jon Snow: I don’t think Stannis would like that very much.
Melisandre: Then we shouldn’t tell him.
Jon Snow: I can’t.
Melisandre: Why?
Jon Snow: I swore a vow. I loved another.
Melisandre: The dead don’t need lovers. Only the living.
Jon Snow: I know. But I still love her.
Melisandre: You know nothing, Jon Snow.








– Are you ashamed of me, father?
– When you were an infant, there was once a trader that landed on Dragonstone. His goods were junk except for one wooden doll. He’d even sewn a dress on it in the colors of our house. No doubt he’d heard of your birth and assumed new fathers were easy targets. I remember how you smiled when we put that doll on your cradle. How you pressed it to your cheek. By the time we burnt the doll, it was too late. I was told you would die or worse the greyscale would go slow, let you grow just enough to know the world before taking it from you. Everyone advised me to send you to the ruins of Valyria to live out your short life with the stone men before the sickness spread through the castle. I told them all to go to hell. I called every master, every healer, every apothecary, they stopped the disease and saved your life. Because you did not belong across the world with the bloody stone men. You are the princess Shireen of the House Baratheon and you are my daughter.





To be contined on Game of Thrones Season 5: Sons of the Harpy Part 3.


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