Game of Thrones Season 5: High Sparrow Part 4

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The fifth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones was premiered on April 12, 2015. It adapts material from “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons”, the fourth and fifth novels in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, as well as original material that does not appear in Martin’s novels. Click to listen Game of Thrones Main Title. Click to Download Game of Thrones Episode High Sparrow (S05E03) by Torrent (MP4 355MB 720p).

High Sparrow


Episode S05E03: High Sparrow. Directed by Mark Mylod. Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss. Original Air Date: April 26, 2015. Sinopse: Margaery, freshly wed to Tommen, manipulates her huband into dispatching Cersei to Casterly Rock. Baelish conducts Sansa Stark to Winterfell to cement an alliance with Roose Bolton through her marriage to his son Ramsay; Sansa will consolidate the Bolton hold on the North, while Baelish hints at an alliance between the North and the Eyrie is capable of bringing down the kingdom. Jon Snow refuses Stannis’ proposition and Stannis heads for King’s Landing via Winterfell. To adapt in the House of Black and White, Arya rids herself of all her personal effects save for Needle, which she hides in a pile of rocks. At Castle Black, Ser Allister is named First Ranger; Janos Slynt refuses to be dispatched to rebuild Greygard, and Snow executes Slynt himself. Lancel finds the High Septon compromised in Littlefinger’s brothel; in a purge, Cersei decides to seek out the High Sparrow. Arriving in Volantis, Tyrion visits a brothel and is abducted by Jorah Mormont. Source: Wikipedia.

At the Wall

In the dining hall, Jon names Ser Alliser as the new First Ranger. Jon then orders Janos Slynt to depart Castle Black to become the commander of Greyguard, a ruined fort along the Wall. Slynt tells Jon that he will not go, repeatedly disobeying his orders and insulting him. Jon responds by ordering several brothers to take Janos outside. Though he begs for mercy, Jon executes Janos for insubordination. Jon then sees Stannis overlooking the scene, who nods in approval.






Jon Snow: Ser Alliser. You have more experience than any other ranger at Castle Black. You proved your valor many times over while defending the Wall from the wildling attack. I name you First Ranger.
Men: Hear, hear!
Jon Snow: Lord Janos. I’m giving you command of Greyguard.
Lord Janos: Greyguard is a ruin.
Jon Snow: Yes, the fort is in a sorry state. Restore it as best you can. First Builder Yarwyck can spare 10 of his–
Lord Janos: I was charged with the defense of King’s Landing when you were soiling your swaddling clothes. Keep your ruin.
Sam: All right, all right! Enough of that.
Jon Snow: You mistake me, my lord. That was a command, not an offer. Pack your arms and armor, say your farewells, and ride for Greyguard.
Lord Janos: I will not go meekly off to freeze and die. Give it to one of the fools who cast a stone for you. I will not have it. Did you hear me, boy? I will not have it!
Jon Snow: Are you refusing to obey my order?
Lord Janos: You can stick your order up your bastard ass.
Jon Snow: Take Lord Janos outside. Olly, bring me my sword.
Lord Janos: You cannot do this! Get your hands off me!






Jon Snow: If you have any last words, my lord, now’s the time.
Lord Janos: I was wrong. You’re the Lord Commander. We all serve you. I’m sorry. Not only for this, for all I’ve done and said. I was wrong. My lord, please! Mercy! Mercy! I’ll go! I will! Please. I’m afraid. I’ve always been afraid.



In Volantis

Arriving in Volantis, Tyrion persuaded Varys to let him depart their carriage and walk the streets. In the city, they witness a red priestess preach to a congregation of slaves of “the savior”, Daenerys Targaryen. After the priestess notices Tyrion, the two depart for a brothel. Tyrion talks to a prostitute, but finds himself unable to bring himself to have sex with her, and leaves to urinate. While doing so, he is kidnapped by Jorah Mormont, who tells Tyrion that he intends to take him to the queen.




Tyrion: The only red priest we had in King’s Landing was Thoros of Myr. This one’s much better-looking.


Tyrion: If I could pick any girl here, I would pick you.
Girl: Why?
Tyrion: Because you have a skeptical mind.
Girl: All right, then. I’m warning you, we’re going to have to wash you first. Come on.
Tyrion: I’m– I’m sorry, I can’t.
Girl: Of course you can. You’re shy.
Tyrion: I’m not.
Girl: Have another drink.
Tyrion: Gladly, but this I can’t do. Believe me, no one is more shocked than I am. I hope it passes. What will I do in my spare time? Go for a piss. That’s a start.










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