Game of Thrones: Brienne fights The Hound Part 1

Welcome to our Game of Thrones Special Week – The best moments from the previous seasons and countdown to the Season 5 premiere on this Sunday 12. Brienne of Tarth defeats Sandor “The Hound” Clegane and Arya Stark finally has her vengeance over him Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode “The Children” (S04E10). All gifs cortesy by Giffferr.


In the Vale, Brienne of Tarth and her squire, Podrick Payne, lose their horses as they make their way toward the Eyrie. They happen across Arya Stark and the Hound, Sandor Clegane. Brienne deduces Arya’s identity and tells her of her oath to her mother, Catelyn Stark, but the Hound is unconvinced of her loyalties, pointing out her Lannister sword and the matter quickly comes to blows. Source: Wikipedia.

Brienne: Seven blessings. I’m Brienne of Tarth. This is Podrick Payne.
The Hound: You want something?
Podrick: That’s Sandor Clegane. The Hound.
Brienne: You’re Arya Stark.
The Hound: I asked if you wanted something.
Brienne: I swore to your mother I would bring you home to her.
Arya: My mother’s dead.
Brienne: I know. I wish I could have been there to protect her.
Arya: You’re not a Northerner.
Brienne: No, but I swore a sacred vow to protect her.
Arya: Why didn’t you?
Brienne: She commanded me to bring Jaime Lannister back to King’s Landing.
The Hound: You’re paid by the Lannisters. You’re here for the bounty on me.
Brienne: I’m not paid by the Lannisters.
The Hound: No? Fancy sword you’ve got there. Where’d you get it? I’ve been looking at Lannister gold all my life. Go on, Brienne of fucking Tarth.Tell me that’s not Lannister gold.
Brienne: Jaime Lannister gave me this sword.
Arya: The Bloody Gate is 10 miles.
Brienne: I swore to your mother by the old gods and the new.
Arya: I don’t care what you swore.
Brienne: Arya!
The Hound: You heard the girl. She’s not coming with you.
Brienne: She is.
The Hound: You’re not a good listener. Valyrian steel? I always wanted some Valyrian steel.
Brienne: Come with me, Arya. I’ll take you to safety.
The Hound: Safety? Where the fuck’s that? Her aunt in the Eyrie is dead. Her mother’s dead. Her father’s dead. Her brother’s dead. Winterfell is a pile of rubble. There is no safety, you dumb bitch. You don’t know that by now, you’re the wrong one to watch over her.
Brienne: And that’s what you’re doing? Watching over her?
The Hound: Aye, that’s what I’m doing.






















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