Game of Thrones 14 Most Brutal Deaths as 8-Bit GIFs


The fourth season of Game of Thrones is already in the air, and the episodes are better than ever. While we wait for the next chapters, we will remember the most violent deaths of the show with these funny 8-bits gifs. Source:

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

14. White Walker beheads a ranger of the Night’s Watch.

14The tone for the rest of the show is now set. (I, I).

13. Renly Baratheon assassinated by shadow.

13You had one job, Brienne! (II, V).

12. The Hand of the King’s Grand Tournament.

12There’s nothing like a knight being impaled with a lance through the throat to get the audience cheering. (I, IV).

11. Bronn volunteers to fight for Tyrion Lannister.

11And so the greatest friendship in Westeros begins. (I, VI).

10. Jon Snow saves the Lord Commander from a Wight.

10Brownie points for the bastard. (I, VIII).

9. Dragon Rampage.

9Kraznys is burnt to a crisp. (III, IV).

8. Samwell Tarly kills a White Walker.

8He’s officially a bad-ass of the Night’s Watch. (III, VIII).

7. The Wildfire.

7Congratulations, Bronn. You now hold the highest score for biggest mass murder. (II, IX).

6. The Hound vs. Beric Dondarrion.

6And by the Lord of Light, Beric survived! (III, V).

5. King’s Landing Battle.

5The show’s most spectacular orgy of violence (so far). (II, IX).

4. The beheading of Ser Rodrik.

4Theon Greyjoy buckles under peer pressure and botches Ser Rodrik’s beheading. (II, VI).

3. Viserys commits suicide.

3Threatening Daenerys and her unborn child, Viserys demands a crown. A crown is what he gets. (I, VI).

2. Eddard Stark’s Beheading.

2The moment we realise no character is safe. (I, IX).

1. The Red Wedding.

1The one that shocked us all. (III, IX).


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